Frequently Asked Questions

Once your order is applied, we will process it and reply with official quotation. In the quotation you will find our bank accounts to transfer.

In the form in Get Quote page, just choose your main request and mention the rest in the Message text box.
No. you want to have pay more as you will get the same feature of the plan. The amount is for the package subscription.
As the prices are changeable, it's not mentioned in our website. We are careful to provide the best prices on the market. It's best that you mention the whole quantities you require to get the best price.

If you are not sure which one of the plan is suitable with you, contact us and our sales representatives will help you meet you business needs.

Choose one of the models and specify the quantity on the form. The rest of items just mention the models and quantities in the Message text box.
You can reach us on our contact information either email, contact us page or by phone call.

Visit our get your quote page, there you will get a form to apply for your requirements.

Contact our team to provide you more information about the service you need.
For 011 SIP Trunk the subscription is excluded in the package price. For receiving calls it will be free with subscription, for making calls it will be charged as you call and prepaid amount needed to activate the local, mobile and international calls. The cost prices for calls will be giving after applying for the service.