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Remember, exceptionalreliabilityappreciation is our main values for success!

We are providing for our customers something unique that makes us better than others to build one of the most strong long-term relationships, and respect the customer requirements to provide high quality services.


To be the providers of IT & security solutions and services, which deliver long-term commercial benefits, based upon our clients key business requirements. The solutions evolved should be economical, efficient, durable, flexible and allow the organisations to respond rapidly to both market and customer needs.


To be the leader in providing the highest quality with new technology ideas around the globe in addition to build strong and tight long-term relationship with the clients.


As we provide high quality service, we are studying the requirements very carefully, processing, analyzing and implementing the proper solution with the latest technology to take the organization a step higher.
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Who We Are

The company established in the capital of Saudi Arabia. The head office location in downtown of Riyadh where it facilitates the customer to reach it.
Sanaera started out to change the routine work style of the business to new one adherence to the new era of the IT & security solutions. Sanaera defines the new era by providing the newest technology ideas and implement it to help the client benefits from these new tools and services to level up the organisations.

At sanaera, we believe in values that we respect while providing our solutions and services. With our transparency we summarize it from ERA:
• Exceptional
• Reliability
• Appreciation.

Meet Our Team

Our team is characterized by its unique high skills, which make them proficient in their work with high accuracy. We have a team that has sufficient experience to carry out the required work tasks. The team is composed of technicians and holders of outstanding certificates of their work and supervisors to follow the performance of the work in addition to the guidance and direction, which make the work in sanaera organized work environment and it is managed smoothly and elastically.

Our team also provide technical support to the customers that gives reassurance to ensure the services have been provided completely. They follow-up with customers after sales to ensure the quality of service provided and fix any problems that may occur to the customer during the support period. Sanaera management team follow-up with customers to ensure the service or solution provided meet the customer needs as sanaera is the pioneer in the field of information technology and security system solutions. In sanaera, we take a good care of customers with high quality standards of work.